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We are an online digital agency specializing in developing
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"What we are really proud of is the speed and predictability of the development."
Denes Papp
Founder @ SmartCode.app

Our services

Web Application Development

Modern, fast, interactive web apps based on cloud technologies

Mobile Application Development

Hybrid and native mobile apps for iOS and Android in record time

Web Application development

We develop interactive web applications with new cloud technologies that scale to millions of users. The web apps we create are fast, reliable and focus on high user experience using modern javascript frameworks (Angular, React, Vue).We specialize in cutting-edge technologies like Progressive Web Applications (PWA), cloud technologies (Firebase, AWS) and Serverless development.

Mobile App development

We build hybrid and native mobile apps with cross-platform technologies in record time. Save time and money, go to the market faster!

Quick MVP
for Startups

We deliver a Minimum Viable Product within just a few weeks. Go to the market faster, test your Startup idea or raise money sooner, without having to wait months for the complete, full-featured web or mobile application

Trending tech


Angular (by Google) is the world’s most advanced next-generation Javascript framework


Firebase (by Google) helps us create web app back ends in record time and saves our clients money


Node.js is an extremely popular tool among startups, it’s lightweight, modern and ultra-fast

Progressive Web Apps

PWA-s use the latest web standards for extra features like offline storage or accessing native device features

How much will it cost?

It has never been easier to estimate your product's development cost without even contacting a human

fall in love with our Working Methods

Fast development

We deliver an MVP within just a few weeks and create polished web/mobile apps in 1-2 months with a quick, iterative process where every weekly iteration results in a new, working version of your product

Easy to calculate costs

With our price calculator you can automatically estimate the cost range of your web/mobile project before even contacting a human, in just a few steps
Calculate cost

Experienced developers

We have 10 years of experience building modern web and mobile applications, we wrote millions of lines of clean and maintainable code and know the latest cutting-edge technologies

Iterative delivering

We deliver a working new version of the product every week. You don't have to wait months to see the outcome. Features are added one-by-one based on your priorities so you can start using your app even before it's finished

Real-time project status

You get 24/7 access to our project management software and a live demo server where you can check the continuously updated project completion status anytime, from anywhere

Transparent communication

You get assigned your own project manager who you can talk to any minute in the US and EU working hours over Skype, Slack, Hangouts, email or whatever you prefer online if you have questions or need help

No agency lock-in

We use open web technologies, create maintainable code and give you transparent project documentation. All the intellectual property will belong to you. We build on client satisfaction and don't lock you in

Flexibility to changes

We are happy to add new features or change existing ones if you change your mind or have new ideas for an extra cost. Of course, you don't have to pay extra for bug fixes

Our process

Your Idea


We set up online meetings with you, gather the requirements, estimate the cost and timeline, define the priorities and sign a contract (1 week)

Design & Prototyping

Quick, iterative UI & UX design process with continuous feedback gathering and testing. Precise user flow and business logic drawing. Interactive prototype creation for rapid testing (1 week)


Weekly iterative releases where every release is a fully working version with new features which you can test anytime (24/7) on a demo server. High priority features come first


Continuous and thorough testing during the whole development process using automated testing tools and (optionally) we use real test users to gather feedback


We configure the cloud services (Firebase, AWS, Google Cloud) for high scalability and ultra-fast response times. We also take care of analytics and setting up metrics


We take care of software version updates and bug fixes and add new features based on an hourly billing or fixed price contract after launch

Our Clients Are All over the world

Automated cost estimation

Calculate the price and required time of a new project using our simple step by step calculator in just 1-2 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile Apps typically start from 9 000 USD, the price depends on the required features. Web Applications usually start from 12 000 USD. The price is always proportional with the required features, urgency and complexity. You can estimate the cost using our awesome project price calculator

Mobile Apps usually take 1-2 months, the required time depends on the complexity of the requirements. Web Applications usually start from 1-2 months. We use an iterative process and deliver a working product early in the first few weeks. After that we iteratively add new features and complete the more complex ones so you can start testing much earlier and go to market with a stable early product even before the more time consuming features are finished

First, use the price calculator or get in touch with us with your idea. We will contact you within a few hours or 1 business day at most to collect the detailed requirements and come back to you with a more detailed proposal (price range and deadlines) soon after we learn about the details of your requirements. If you like our proposal, we send you a contract which you sign and send back in email. We start working on your project by setting up a few online meetings during the first week and plan your app’s technological details and your priorities. We then create some designs, collect feedback and iteratively perfect it. After this, still before development starts, we will create interactive prototypes to mock the functionality of the final app. This helps save a lot of time and money on development and results in a more thought-out final product. Based on the speed of our communication, development starts in the second week based on the detailed prototypes. Every week we release a working version of your app with new features, so you don’t have to wait 1-2 months to start testing it because every iteration results in a working product. You can change priorities after every iteration or make changes. You can even decide to slow down or stop development for any reason after any iteration. Payment happens after every iteration separately. Finally, we finish your app and release it. Hooray! Our services will be available to you even after we finish your project

We leverage the huge advantages of modern cloud technologies (Firebase, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure) to build highly scalable, fast and reliable backends. On the front end we love working with Angular (Google), React (Facebook) and Vue, which result in fast development and highly interactive Web Applications. For Hybrid Mobile Apps we use Ionic to be able to develop cross-platform mobile apps in lightning speed. For cross-platform Native Mobile Apps we use Google Flutter, a new tool that compiles to 100% fast native code for iOS and Android, as well as React Native. Our favorite proven back end frameworks are Ruby on Rails, Django (Python), Node.js (Javascript) and Symfony/Laravel (PHP). We always choose the tools that best fit the software requirements of a project

We use popular online communication tools (email, Slack, Skype, Hangouts) and one of the best project management and collaboration tools, Jira. Depending on the project’s nature, urgency and complexity, we usually do online meetings with clients a few times a week. At the beginning of a project we may need to do daily meetings to clarify the details, later it’s usually enough to do a weekly online meeting. First we define the project requirements together and the priorities, then we start wireframing and building an interactive prototype in Sketch/InVision/Adobe XD and constantly gather feedback from you before even starting the development to save you time and money on validating ideas. For collaborating on documents we use Google Docs/Sheets/Slides. For software code version control and developer collaboration we use Git and GitHub and a lot of automation, which you can get access to if you are a technical person and interested in the process

We work based on the US working hours (Eastern Time) and the European working hours (CET), we respond immediately on Slack/Skype/Hangouts chat and email for our current clients or within a few hours at most on business days

100% you. We hand over everything to you after every finished iteration. Code, documentation, automated processes, everything. You have the exclusive right to the finished and payed intellectual property

We send an invoice after every iteration. An iteration lasts for one or two weeks, depending on the project type. Payment happens via bank transfer to our bank account (see bank details in the footer). Every iteration results in a working product with new features or improvements so you can decide to stop or slow down development at any time and still have a completely working product

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Web Application Development

Modern, fast, interactive web apps based on cloud technologies

Mobile Application Development

Hybrid and native mobile apps for iOS and Android in record time

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