Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and Machine Learning are the biggest buzzwords in 2018 and for a reason. They help creating more intelligent applications that engage users, help apps make more money and help your app stand out from the crowd

AI-powered Features
for web and mobile apps

Do you need some advanced features in your web or mobile application like image recognition? We can integrate the following Artificial Intelligence features for you. For most of them we use online APIs and tools created by Google, Microsoft, IBM and Amazon Web Services. You don’t have to do your own costly AI research, we can integrate these features in your app in just a couple of days or weeks


  • Image Recognition
  • Face Recognition and Analysis
  • Object Detection
  • Text Recognition
  • Person/Crowd Tracking
    (near real-time)
  • Crowd Analysis
    (near real-time)
  • Celebrity Recognition
  • Unsafe Content Detection
  • Inappropriate Image Detection


  • Personal Assistants (like Siri/Alexa/Google Now)
  • Voice Understanding
  • Speech Recognition
  • Text Transcription (Speech to text in 110 languages)
  • Natural sounding text to speech
  • Real-time Speech Translation (60 languages)
  • Transcribe and translate real-life conversations in real time


  • Natural Language Understanding
  • Text Analytics
  • Emotion Analysis / Sentiment Detection (text)
  • Text Translation (110 languages)
  • Auto Spell Checking
  • Chatbots
  • Conversational Experiences (e.g. customer support bot)
  • Text Classification, Entity Detection
  • Discover insights and relationships in text


  • Content Personalization
  • Smart Search Engines (Elasticsearch)
  • Recommendation Engines
  • Customer Retention
  • User Behaviour Forecasting
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Fraud Detection
  • Customer Churn Forecasting
  • Intelligent Search Suggestions
  • Custom machine learning models for classification
  • Pattern Recognition in Big Data
  • Customer Segmentation


  • These features are simple to implement (just a few days)
  • These features are more complex and involve research and development (a few weeks or more)

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