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Modern web apps with cutting-edge cloud technologies that scale to millions of users. The web apps we create are fast, reliable and focus on high user experience

Mobile App Development


Save time and money and use the same code base for iOS and Android while maintaining native style on each platform


Beautiful design and high user experience are super important factors for mobile apps to engage new users and keep them happy

Native style

Cross-platform mobile apps use the native styles on iOS and Android to comply with the official style guidelines of Apple and Google

Fast Development

Within just a few weeks we can deliver hybrid iOS and Android mobile applications for most use cases so you can go to the market faster


We use the latest tools and cutting-edge technologies to speed up development and build reliable mobile apps


Apps need to be fast and frictionless for maximum user engagement so we optimize every part of the app

Hybrid Mobile apps

We build hybrid mobile apps with cross-platform technologies in record time. Save time and money, go to the market faster! Hybrid mobile apps are developed using web technologies and wrapped in an invisible native container on iOS and Android and are indistinguishable from 100% native apps. Apps are fast and animations are smooth. The UI controls use the native styles on each platform to comply with the Apple and Android style guidelines and provide a native feeling to users. Nearly every native feature of a mobile device can be used like GPS, Bluetooth or camera using the 130 native plugins in hybrid mobile apps. You can remotely push minor updates to hybrid mobile apps immediately, without waiting days for App Store approvals to fix an important bug or add a new feature

Native Mobile apps

Developing a native app instead of a hybrid app is suggested when it requires special visual effects, 3D graphics or exceptional native features like facial recognition for iOS, touch ID for Android or when the app runs performance-intensive tasks on the device. Native apps also run faster on low-end devices. We use cross-platform technologies (Google Flutter and React Native) that result in 100% native code on iOS and Android so we need to develop and maintain only one shared codebase for iOS and Android. Development takes more time than a hybrid app but it’s still less time and money than developing and maintaining 2 separate native apps, one for iOS (in Swift) and one for Android (in Kotlin or Java)

Mobile app development from $7,000

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Mobile Apps

Cross-platform mobile development tools fall into 2 categories based on the resulting code.
Hybrid mobile apps are small and fast web applications running in a native mobile environment while native apps compile to 100% native mobile code on iOS and Android



Ionic + web technologies

development time (Average)

3-4 weeks


From 7 000 USD (depends on complexity)


Yes (iOS and Android)

Use case

Most of the mobile apps can be developed as hybrid apps quickly and cost efficiently. Designs and animations can be customized to the brand and app requirements

App Startup Time


User interface

Native style on iOS and Android (100% customizable) see more

Native features

Native features with 130 Ionic plugins: camera, GPS, in-app purchases, notifications, Bluetooth, sensors, gestures, calendar, 3D touch, ads, payment methods (Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, …), ratings, fingerprints, push notifications, background processes, autostart, barcode/QR code scanning, access call logs, contacts and messages, device settings, clipboard access, social login, file access, analytics, maps, health APIs, internet access, media, microphone, audio controls, NFC, screenshot capturing, speech recognition, text to speech, media streaming, taptic engine, vibration, hotspot and many more



Google Flutter or React Native + native code (Swift, Kotlin, Java)

development time (AVERAGE)

2 months


From 12 000 USD (depends on complexity)


Yes (iOS and Android)

Use Case

Apps that require very special visual effects, 3D graphics or exceptional native features like facial recognition for iOS, touch ID for Android or when the app runs performance-intensive tasks on the device



User interface

Native style on iOS and Android (100% customizable)

Native features

Any native feature that exists on iOS and Android.
Platform-native code (Swift, Kotlin, ObjC and Java) can also be embedded so all available iOS and Android tools can be integrated

Our process


Wireframes & User flow


Design & Prototype



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