We develop
Interactive Modern Cloud-based Progressive Serverless
Web Applications

Modern web apps with cutting-edge cloud technologies that scale to millions of users. The web apps we create are fast, reliable and focus on high user experience










Amazon Web Services



Web Applications are...


Respond quickly to user interactions with silky smooth animations and no janky scrolling


Users expect web apps to react instantly - no janky scrolling or slow-to-respond interfaces


Modern browser APIs and back-end tools allow web apps to offer more features than ever before


Visually stunning design and good user experience are a must in 2018


Web apps load fast, even in uncertain network conditions. User interactions are lag-free


Cutting-edge development tools allow us to leverage the latest technologies in 2018

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What we develop

Web applications

We have been developing interactive web applications for 10 years. The web apps we create are fast, reliable and focus on high user experience and are powered by modern javascript frameworks (Angular, React, Vue) and back-end frameworks.

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Web Applications

PWA-s are web apps that use the latest web standards and APIs to offer features like offline storage and access to native features like push notifications, geolocation, and the camera. They provide high user experience in web browsers and allow using your web app even when there’s no Internet connection and sync all the changes when online again.

Progressive Web Applications have some extra features on mobiles, they can be saved as native mobile apps on iOS and Android by just visiting your web page, and they are indistinguishable from native apps as they can run as stand-alone apps without a frame and access the most important native features. There’s no App Store downloading, PWA-s don’t even have to be installed as they are just web applications saved on a mobile device for instant and offline access. On desktop browsers, PWA-s can be run as normal web applications that can work offline and have extra features like background sync

Cloud Backends

We develop interactive web applications with cutting-edge cloud technologies that scale to millions of users. No server maintenance cost, automatic scaling, high security standards and blazing fast global networks serve your users in milliseconds.

Leverage the cheap, secure and highly available and distributed global server network of Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. Server scaling and maintenance is not a costly thing anymore. The blazing fast and fault tolerant cloud services let you sleep well at night, while the sub-second usage-based billing help you cut server costs dramatically at low traffic hours

Web APplications

Serverless cloud services like Firebase and AWS allow us to build and run applications and services like lego bricks, without writing too much back end code and thinking about servers. We don’t have to provision infrastructure or worry about scale. Serverless teams cut time to market in half.

Serverless building blocks include a whole list of popular features in web applications like authentication, real-time databases, automatic scaling, running code on any event, application logic, file storage, real-time collaboration, offline data, built-in security, email sending, analytics, push notifications, cache, APIs, log processing, monitoring, dashboards, automation tools and a lot more.

Building a serverless application allows us to focus on your application code instead of managing and operating infrastructure. We do not have to think about provisioning or configuring servers and databases since Firebase and AWS handle all of this for us automatically. This reduces the infrastructure management burden and helps you get faster time-to-market and worry less about scaling in the future.

Backend API

If you already have a mobile application or the front-end code for a web application, we can build the backend API for you to connect your application to the Internet and integrate it with online services like payments, email sending, user management, synchronizing application data or any service that has an API

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Other things we do


We love working with cutting-edge front-end frameworks, especially Angular, React and Vue. We have been using front-end frameworks for 7 years


Firebase and Node.js let us create fast and scalable back-end APIs in no time for web applications and mobile applications. We use AWS for complex solutions

GDPR-ready web/mobile applications

If you expect users from the EU your app will need some extra steps to comply with the European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation

Our technologies

Front end







Back end




Ruby on Rails


Python + Django


PHP + Symfony/Laravel

Cloud Services




Amazon Web Services

google cloud platform2

Google Cloud


Microsoft Azure

OTHER tools we love working with





Adobe XD



Project Management


JIRA (Atlassian)




Time tracking







Google Drive and Docs

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Artificial Intelligence
Features (Optional)

Do you need some advanced features in your web or mobile application like image recognition? We can integrate the following Artificial Intelligence features for you. For most of them we use online APIs and tools created by Google, Microsoft, IBM and Amazon Web Services. You don’t have to do your own costly AI research, we can integrate these features in your app within just a couple of days or weeks






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Fast development

We deliver an MVP within just a few weeks and create polished web/mobile apps within 1-2 months with a quick, iterative process where every iteration results in a new, working version of your product

Easy to calculate costs

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Experienced developers

We have 10 years of experience building modern web and mobile applications, we wrote millions of lines of clean code and know the latest cutting-edge technologies

Real-time project status

You get 24/7 access to our project management software and a live demo server where you can check the continuously updated project completion status anytime, from anywhere

Transparency builds trust

You get assigned your own project manager who you can talk to any minute in the US and EU working hours over Skype, Slack, Hangouts, email or whatever you prefer. A live and personal connection to your project

No agency lock-in

We use open web technologies, create maintainable code and give you transparent project documentation. All the intellectual property will belong to you. We build on client satisfaction and don't lock you in

What is a Web application?

A web application is an…

Interactive website


A website is informational, it's defined by its content.
Example: CNN.com

Web Application

A web application is a website that interacts with the user and is often personalized.
Example: Gmail.com

Modern Web Applications interact with the user without reloading the whole page after every user action (e.g. clicking a button or submitting a form). Instead, web apps dynamically rewrite the current page using Javascript and nice animations (like Facebook or Gmail) and communicate with the server in the background.

This approach avoids interruption of the user experience between successive pages, making the application behave more like a desktop application

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